Sunday, September 4th at 10am

Join us for an all-women IntenSati Workout class with Cyndi Kosloff
Suitable for all fitness levels.

What is IntenSati?
It is a heart-pumping, mood-lifting workout class that combines spoken affirmations with simple, high-energy moves drawn from aerobics and strength conditioning to build physical, mental and spiritual muscle.

About Cyndi Kosloff:
After practicing IntenSati for over 15 years, Cyndi decided to make her passion into a career. She obtained her IntenSati certification in 2018 in NYC from Patricia Moreno, the creator of IntenSati.  In January 2019 Cyndi launched her own exercise business, Living on Purpose LLCIn addition to teaching IntenSati, she now also teaches rebounding, strength training and offers one on one personal training.

$15 per person send payment to or donate at the door.

Chabad Chai Center 6605 Atlantic Ave Ventnor, NJ 08406