Capital Campaign Founders

Building Dedication Award
Dr. Morris & Norma Antebi
In Loving Memory of
Ezra & Grace Antebi

Eileen Barker

Harris & Renay Berman
Rabbi Moshe and Ali Blech
Michael and Farah Burns

Scott and Cindy Busch
Gregory and Jodie Bernhardt
Harris Berman
Ellen Cohen
Marcee Cohen

Jan Cyzner
Rober & Cheryl Davidowitz
Jerry Davis
Aleph Bet Aleph
Dan and Julie Fein
Michael and Deedee Fein
Barry & Donna Felker
Robert Fleisher
Dr. Andrew and Carla Glass
Frank & Elaine Gelb
Helen Goddard
Jason and Jessica Goldstein
Eric and Fran Goldstein
Marcel and Bernice Groen
Lennard Hammerschlag
Alon & Jodie Howard
Bob and Gail Horn
Howard and June Hyman

Steve and Ellen Iliescu
Menachem and Chanie Levy
Walter and Phyllis Lido
Ron and Sheila Mangel
David and Michelle Margules

Sandford and Toby Mersky
Joel and Stephanie Miller
Bruce and Amy Pascal
Ernest and Laura Paul
Stan and Sherry Paul
Steven and Mindy Pepper

Ira and Mindelle Pierce
Jay and Leah Press
Roie and Barbara Raitzes
Rabbi Yosef Rapoport

Norma and Cynthia Rosen
--Yisroel Schechter--
Arthur and Karen Sherman
Mike & Beth Shor
Doug and Gail Stanger
Albert and Renee Taus
Maurice and Mindy Torjman
Dr. Marc & Whitney Ullman
Marvin and Barbara Waxman
Len & Judy Wizmur
Dr. Richard and Rachel Wise
Rofeh Yedid

Herman & Marsha Zell
Ron & Barbara Zukin

More donors to be announced.