The Ventnor Eruv
Sponsored in Memory of 
Avrohom Ben Nachum Halevi
Abraham Levin 

(For questions about the Eruv please call 609-992-4100)

Eruv Update: 1/5/15


The boundaries for the NEW Eruv for Ventnor, NJ begins at Clermont Ave. in Margate and runs along Atlantic Ave and the along the bay and ends at Dudley Ave. This new Eruv will be known as Zone A.

Please note that the Beach blocks are not included in Zone A of the Eruv. Our next project is to include beach blocks if requested by homeowners. Additionally, we would like to include the Ventnor library and playground on Newport Ave in the near future.

It is important to study the eruv map closely to ensure you do not carryout of the Eruv boundary.

We sincerely apologies to those individuals who live on beach blocks and are not included in the new eruv. The old boundaries utilized the boardwalk as a wall for the eruv, thereby including beach blocks. Recent storms however,  have shifted the sands causing a major Halachik problem. The only way to have an eruv under the current circumstance is to temporarily exclude the beach blocks.

The boundary that runs along Atlantic Ave. utilizes the telephone polls that run on side of the street which is closer to the bay


 Click HERE to view Eruv map.

Please Note: If you live on a beach block that is not included in the Eruv and you would like to be included please contact Rabbi Rapoport  


For questions on the Eruv please email  

Special Thanks:

Dr. Richard and Susan Rosenbluth
Rabbi Dovid Tzubelli
Mr. Ron Mangel
Mr. Ken Olivenbaum
Commisioner Steve Weintrob - City of Ventnor
Mr. David Smith - City of Ventnor
Mr. Ed Wallenberg - City of Margate
Mr. Randy Smith