Different children have different needs. The Friendship Circle helps meet the unique needs of special children and their families through a variety of hands-on programs. kidsprograms_pic.jpg
Family Program Description
Home Visits
The friends at home program gives your child the joy of a regular, weekly play date with a pair of friends who come to your home and visit, just for him or her
We specially train teenage volunteers to become friends and mentors to your son or daughter.
While your child is happily learning, playing games and being entertained, you will enjoy a much-deserved break.
The Children’s Circle
The Children’s Circle is a respite program held on selected Sunday afternoons. 
We encourage the parents to leave their child in the hands of qualified professionals and loving volunteers. 
The children, one-on-one with a teen friend, enjoy music, art, entertainment and sports, as well as creative holiday activities while the parents enjoy some free time. 
We invite your child to join The Friendship Circle and become a part of the family.
Family Fun Days
Family Fun Days are held on selected Sunday afternoons. 
Parents join their child, their child’s volunteer and the entire Friendship Circle on an outing to places like bowling, Krafts for Kids, Chuckee Cheese and more.
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