Camp Procedures 

Drop Off  

Drop-off begins at 9:30 am. There will be counselors waiting to escort the children into the building at the side door, so it is not necessary to park your car.  Just drive up to the side of the building and see your child out of the car and make sure that they are greeted by a counselor, who will take them inside.  Or you may park your car and escort your child into the building yourself.  If you choose to do so, make sure that the director who is taking attendance at the door marks them present.

Pick Up  

Dismissal from camp is at 3:30 pm. Please pull your car up to the side of the building and a counselor will bring your child to the car. Each child is signed out with the director at the door. If someone else is picking up your child, whether it’s a relative, friend or another camp parent, please clearly inform the camp director in the morning or via note or telephone call.  We will not be able to honor children’s messages about whom they think they may be going home with. Please avoid any confusion and make sure that clear messages are given.


We will be swimming at a local Swim Club & at the beach 2 days a week, weather permitting.  On all swim days please send with your child a bag with a clearly labeled towel, swimsuit, water shoes and sunscreen. Please refer to the camp calendars as there are some date changes regarding swimming.


We will be traveling by van or bus on trip days.  On all trip days please have your child wear their Camp Gan Israel t-shirt. T-shirts can be purchased for $15. We encourage you to send your child with a water bottle.

*Trip days and swimming are subject to change due to weather conditions